PANORAMA: Real-time Bird's Eye View of an OpenFlow Network


    Panorama is a lightweight, easy to deploy POX based GUI for obtaining real-time network information in SDN environment. Currently, Panorama is capable of presenting network topology information, per-flow and per-port traffic statistics, aggregate statistics, and data transfer rate for each network link. Panorama is freely available to download.

    Please don't forget to cite our paper.


  • Feb 01, 2017: Our paper "PANORAMA: Real-time Bird's Eye View of an OpenFlow Network" has been accepted at IEEE ICNSC 2017.

    Usage Manual

            ● Copy the project directory under pox [~/pox/ext/]

            ● You might need to set path to [pox directory (~/pox/)] in your PATH variable, you may do it through terminal as:
                $ PATH=$PATH:~/pox/
                $ export PATH

            How to start [Manual]

            ● Open a new terminal and run a controller module:
                $ cd pox
                $ forwarding.l2_learning

            ● Open another terminal and run the monitoring module:
                $ cd [project working directory i.e. ~/pox/ext/panorama]
                $ openflow.of_01 --port=5566 panorama.panorama

            ● Open another terminal and start a network:
                $ cd [project working directory i.e. ~/pox/ext/panorama]
                $ sudo python topology/
               (You may create your own custom topology as well.)

            ● [If a browser window/tab doesn't come up automatically.]
                Open a browser window/tab and navigate to:

            How to start [Automatic]

            ● Run the bash script:
                $ cd [project working directory i.e. ~/pox/ext/panorama]
                $ bash