CyberChallenge.IT Cybersecurity training

The UniPD Node of the CINI Cybersecurity National Lab and the SPRITZ Security and Privacy Research Group are organizing the CyberChallenge.IT 2021 at the University of Padua! This is a program aimed at training in cybersecurity the best Italian students that are between 16 and 23 years old. CyberChallenge.IT is a program sponsored by the CINI Cybersecurity National Lab in collaboration with the National Cybersecurity Research Committee.
If you are young, have good programming knowledge, and want to further improve your skills, check out the official website of the event for more details: CyberChallenge.IT

Local Organizers

All the lessons will be online (Zoom link here) from 16:30 to 18:30

02/03/2021Warm-up: Access control theory
03/03/2021Warm-up: UNIX file permissions
04/03/2021Warm-up: Weaknesses
09/03/2021Warm-up: Security protocols
10/03/2021Crypto: Introduction to cryptography and classical ciphers
11/03/2021Crypto: Perfect secrecy, cryptoanalysis and attack models
16/03/2021Crypto: Symmetric encryption and block ciphers
17/03/2021Crypto: Number theory and modular arithmetic
18/03/2021Crypto: Asymmetric encryption key exchange
23/03/2021Crypto: Digital signatures and hash functions
24/03/2021Crypto: Random number generation
25/03/2021Misc: Steganography
30/03/2021Network: Network analysis and monitoring
31/03/2021Network: Securing internet communications
01/04/2021Web: HTTP protocol and web-security overview
07/04/2021Web: File disclosure and server-side request forgery
08/04/2021Web: Command and code injections
13/04/2021Web: SQL injections
14/04/2021Web: Client side vulnerabilities
15/04/2021Hardware: The role of hardware in security
20/04/2021Hardware: Hardware vulnerabilities
21/04/2021Hardware: Hardware trojans
22/04/2021Hardware: Hardware attacks - part I
27/04/2021Hardware: Hardware attacks - part II
28/04/2021Reversing: Static analysis, reversing in x86
29/04/2021Reversing: Reversing, patching
04/05/2021Reversing: gdb, calling conventions, debuggers
05/05/2021Reversing: Symbolic execution, angr
06/05/2021Pwn: Buffer overflows, ret2libc
11/05/2021Pwn: Mitigations, format strings
12/05/2021Pwn: ROP
18/05/2021IBM Talk on "Sicurezza Industriale e delle infrastrutture critiche"
25/05/2021IBM Talk on "Recent trends in financial cybercrime"
26/05/2021Exprivia Talk on "SOC Challenge"
27/05/2021BIP Talk on "Intro to OSINT"

CyberChallenge 2018: the UniPD team got the first national prize!

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