Call for Participants

2016 International Summer School on
Social Networks Security, Privacy, and Trust

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the “2016 International Summer School on Social Networks Security, Privacy, and Trust” that will take place at the University of Padua, Italy, from September 4th to September 9th, 2016.

  • The school is open to graduate students, researchers and practitioners from academia and industry. The school aims at bringing together members from the international security research community to debate contemporary issues in Online Social Networks (OSN) trust, privacy and security. The main part of the school consists of lectures given by world-leading researchers in the field of trust, security and privacy in a social networking environment. The school will bring the participants through technical aspects of OSN trust, privacy and security, with a special consideration to the social and psychological side, and with an eye to social networks growing and dynamics phenomena, and spread of mis(information). It is also our intention to build strong research relations and exchange opportunities between the involved institutions and participants.


    - Prof. Guido Caldarelli - IMT Lucca, Italy
    - Prof. Elena Ferrari - Insubria, Italy
    - Prof. Alan Mislove - Northeastern University, USA
    - Prof. N. Asokan - Aalto University and University of Helsinki, Finland
    - Prof. Walter Quattrociocchi - IMT Lucca, Italy
    - Prof. Ahmad Sadeghi - TU Darmstadt, Germany
    - Prof. Giuseppe Sartori - University of Padova, Italy
    - Prof. Thorsten Strufe - TU Dresden, Germany
    - Prof. Gene Tsudik - University of California, USA


    The school will take place at the University of Padua - Department of Mathematics (via Trieste 63, 35151 Padua, Italy). The University of Padua is a long tradition University (among the earliest Universities of the world, funded in 1222; hosted people like Galileo Galilei and Nicolaus Copernicus). A recent national assessment set the University of Padua as the highest ranking among leading Italian Universities for the quality of its research results. Padua is a vibrant city, full of art and history, including the Scrovegni Chapel (with the most complete series of frescoes executed by Giotto), and the main building of the University (with the first anatomical theatre and the podium used by of Galileo). Also, Venice can be reached by train in 15 minutes.
    A taste of Padua: click here and here .


    To apply for the school, please fill the form.

    And send via email (with subject "SNSPT registration”, to ALL the following addresses:;;, the following documents:
    - a one-page CV;
    - an application letter explaining your interest in the school and your experience in the area;
    - a copy of your bachelor (or equivalent, or higher) certificate.

    Application deadline: July 7th, 2016 July 18th, 2016.
    Notification deadline: July 12th, 2016 July 23rd, 2016.
    Registration deadline: July 28th, 2016.
    Registration link: Click here.
    Attendance is limited to 40 participants. Participants will be selected based on the quality of their curriculum, giving equal opportunities for women and men coming from different countries. Thanks to our co-organizers, the school fee (including coffee breaks, lunches and the social dinner) will be only 200 euros. The organization of the school will support students in finding accommodation, possibly at the University residences. In addition, a limited number of waived registrations and student travel grants might be available.


    The school welcomes international participants from around the world. Some international students might need to obtain an entry visa to come to Italy. In order to find out which documents are required to apply for visiting student visa, you can query the database of the "Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs". If you are required to apply for a visiting student visa, you will require a school visa letter. In this case, to provide a visa support letter, please send your detailed information along with a photocopy of the identification page of your passport (name and photo) via e-mail (to;;


    At the end of the school, the Scientific Committee can provide participation certificates and award the course diploma to students who have passed the final exam. For those students, the school can be considered as 2 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits. You can easily transfer credits to other European universities using the ECTS system. However, we recommend that you check with your home institution before applying to the school to be sure that the credits are actually recognized.

  • Co-organizers

    - University of Padua
    - Department of Mathematics of the University of Padua
    - National Research Council (CNR)
    - Institute of Informatics and Telematics (IIT)
    - DTU Compute


    - Prof. Mauro Conti - University of Padua, Italy (co-Director)
    - Dr. Marinella Petrocchi - IIT-CNR, Italy (co-Director)
    - Prof. Roberto Di Pietro - Nokia Bell Labs, France
    - Prof. Luciano Gamberini - University of Padua, Italy
    - Dr. Domenico Laforenza - IIT-CNR, Italy
    - Prof. Angelo Spognardi - DTU Compute, Denmark


    Please check out the school website. If you need further information, please send an email to;; with subject "SNSPT information".