The advances in networking and communication protocols have augmented the potential of the Cyber-Physical System (CPS). The emergent networking paradigms, such as fifth generation (5G) networks, software-defined networks (SDN), and the forthcoming sixth generation (6G) networks provide the required infrastructure to blur the boundary between cyber and physical systems. They facilitate the deployment of smart cities, smart transportation, agile medical systems, building automation, emergency management and many other systems. However, if not designed and implemented securely, this massive inter-connection between devices will open avenues for malicious attacks, which could lead to catastrophic damage to individuals, businesses, and nations.

Following the success of the previous editions, the 6th IEEE International Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems Security Protocols 2021 (CPS-Sec 2021) aims to represent a forum for researchers and practitioners from industry and academia interested in the areas of CPS security. Therefore, CPS Sec seeks novel submissions describing practical and theoretical solutions to the cyber security challenges of the emerging networks for safer and more secure deployment of CPS. Submissions may represent any application area for CPS. Hence, papers that are pertinent to the security of next generation networks (5G and 6G), Internet of Things (IoT), Critical Infrastructure Networks, Transportation Systems, Medical Devices are all welcome.

Example topics of interest are given below, but are not limited to:

  • Access control for CPS
  • Anonymization in CPS
  • Authentication mechanisms for CPS
  • Availability, recovery, and auditing for CPS
  • Data security and privacy for CPS
  • Distributed secure solutions for CPS
  • Energy-efficient and secure CPS
  • Intrusion detection for CPS
  • Secure 5G and 6G technologies
  • Secure network protocol design in CPS
  • Secure SDN-IoT architecture
  • Secure SDN-enabled smart healthcare
  • Secure SDN-enabled smart transportation
  • Security and trust in autonomous systems
  • Security of Cloud environment
  • Security of CPS in medical devices/systems
  • Security of CPS in transportation systems
  • Security of industrial control systems
  • Security of Internet-of-Things
  • Security on heterogeneous CPS
  • Trusted computing in CPS
  • Vulnerability analysis of CPS

Papers must be submitted through the EasyChair system .